We Bipolarians are normal ones – it’s the rest of the world who are out of sync!


Watching Obama – Romney thrash it out to the finish line made me think how we with Bipolar are maybe more in sync with life than those who might think we are abnormal. As we know, Bipolar has two clear mood cycles. And not many shades in between!

But hey – isn’t life rather like that. Consider the polarities evident all around us:-

  • Up or down
  • Left and right
  • Light and dark
  • In or out
  • Fast or slow
  • Good or bad
  • Open and shut
  • Hot or cold
  • Strong or weak
  • Tall or short
  • Left wing or right wing
  • Democrat or Republican

Ok. Ok -  I know each of these extremes is effectively sitting on a continuum on which there are many shades in between, but the reality is, we tend to think and act rather more divisively and make distinct choices. Still doubting? – well just consider the accusatory metaphor ‘ sitting on the fence’ which is rarely offered as an attractive position to hold.

So having definitive mood swings is closer to the way life often pans out, than some even-keeled supposed normality.  Maybe people should adapt more to the way we are, rather than isolating and labelling us as ‘fruitcakes’ as we so often are.

I doubt it will happen, but does it not delight the soul to imagine we are more in step with life’s exigencies than people imagine.

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