To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield


Great words!! Inspirational!!

Tennyson could have been writing for a way to deal with Bipolar as opposed to Ulysses.
But examine the words even in context and they have resonance for Bipolar since Tennyson looks to describe Ulysses’ restless longing for adventure even after returning to his beloved Penelope:a restlessness that I can identify with.
But let’s de-construct its most significant line

To strive: wise words indeed. Coping with Bipolar requires effort and real endeavour. Particularly to ensure you do not let it ruin your life. or the lives of those you love.

To seek: to never give up looking for a solution that works for you. Not a cure – for none exists – but solutions do. Each one of us suffers in varied ways with the condition and in varied depths. Pills may work, they may not; therapy may work, it may not – but whatever, you must seek out ways that ease the burden and allow you to get through.

To find: once you have discovered what works, or in my case, relationships that support and understand it, then recognise it and stick with it. In that respect you must differ from Ulysses and accept that this may be as good as it gets and not to see greener pastures over the wall.

And not to yield: the very best advice! Never quit – as I did twice – suicide is not the answer. Never quit. It cannot beat you

Final words? – I just wish I’d written them

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