The Splenetic Rantings of a Bipolarian






That’s got your attention. I’m aware that my Bipolar hardly imbues with me good grace, or patience, but sometimes you just want to shake the arse of an ever-more nonsensical  world. I’ve previously blogged on Childhood Bipolar, or rather the ridiculous over-zealous diagnosing of same, in which normal angst and teenage hormones coalesce to make difficult human beings – but which does not make them Bipolar. 
So you may wonder why I am venting my spleen at the latest bloody nonsense – wait for it – Kids Fashion Week. Well for some the connection may tenuous nay even spurious, but if troubled kids get wrongly diagnosed as having Bipolar, what is going to happen over the next few years as society is seemingly determined to sexualise and strip away childhood by fixating on ‘how they look’. Are we going to get 8 year old girls asking their Mothers ‘ does my bum look big in this?’ Some would say wake up Kit it already is happening.

I saw pictures of six year olds strutting the catwalk sporting the latest whatever, watched by aspiring B-lister parents who treat their offspring like fashion accessories, especially if they get extra coverage in Hello or whatever. I haven’t even read the next Hello, but I can guarantee now there will be a nauseating spread on it. They will be extolling the virtues of style icon kids like the Cruise’s or the Beckham’s . Is this what childhood has descended too?  Sadly yes!! Oh for the Walton’s – come back John Boy all is forgiven.

Kids should be carefree and not give a ruddy toss what they are wearing. I know innocence was lost after Adam and Eve grabbed fig leaves, but shots of them now would see a Nike swoosh on the arse and a Coco Chanel CC around Eve’s nipples. Sorry to say ‘in my day’, but the nearest thing to being dressed right when I was six, was my mother shouting from the front door to check I had clean underpants on in case I got run over.

Dear God, what are we doing? We fret about their welfare and then create fashion one-upmanship which invites bullying. And in turn kids berate their parents to buy the latest brand creating potential financial stresses, and not least another unwanted battleground any household can do without. Why can’t they romp and frolic and not give a toss if the knackered shorts get ripped. Can you imagine kids saying ‘careful with Burberry’s mate’ as they tumble on the floor.

As I said the connectivity is maybe spurious, but give that another 5 years or so and we will be hearing of even more alarming rises in Bipolar diagnoses in teenagers. When all that’s wrong is that they have had their childhood stolen and become mixed up about their identity and what life is about.

So bloody depressing.

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  1. On March 25, 2013 at 6:05 pm Roger Hawcroft responded with... #

    Bravoals, Kit.

    I don’t think the notion is so spurious, in as much as there is much sickness of all sorts in our society and two of the worst diseases are over-medicalisation and materialism – both of which promote difference or are counter to it and cause a label to be put on it so that it can be neatly dealt with and the victim blamed – whilst, in fact, the causes of the problem remain.

    Schooling, religion, materialism, – all of these are aspects of our society which create the conditions for the destruction of childhood and for people to grow into parents who not only condone but encourage this sort of insidious nonsense. In other words, the parents, too, are victims; though admittedly, victims who could be expected to have more recognition of and ability to resist the pressures of peers and others to engage in this sort of behaviour.

    I think that you are right and that this is one of those activities which will contribute to many of the participants developing in a dysfunctional way. However, I wonder, in a society that only values people in strange and warped monetary terms – how can we halt such idiocy?

  2. On March 26, 2013 at 11:11 pm Diane responded with... #

    CLASSIC!! nothing more to be said….hit the nail right on the head….not to mention the diagnosis of ADHD, on younger children just because they are children…as I see it. Poor Jonny who may be a little overactive and difficult to control, the first and seems automatic reflex is he’s got ADHD. Off to the psychiatrist, who believing such non sense, far too quick to give seriously dangerous medications to quench an otherwise perfectly healthy child who happens to be an exuberant lively child, into a drug induced stupor or more dangerous behavior….so sad.

    • On March 27, 2013 at 12:06 pm admin responded with... #

      Hi Diane,
      So glad you liked it. And yes youre right – hyper happy kid maybe drinking too much coke gets diagnosed with ADHD and given Ritalin and is set up for life as a problem. Meanwhile a psychiatrist is trousering fees. Not all are like that of course, but far far too many are ready to reach for the prescription pad.
      I’ll keep banging the drum!
      Best wishes Kit

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