The Missing Link

Missing link 2
I regret to say that as a teenager I was something of a bully. I assuage my guilt through a rear-view mirror perespective that my bullying activity in no way matched what seems to occur today. Perhaps it was the Bipolar already kicking in that made me feel somehow separate and indeed inadequate in some ways, and made me resort to mocking others, such that my self esteem rose in perverse consequence. We had one unfortunate boy at school who sadly did bear a remarkable resemblance to a character in the puppet series Fireball XL5. It was a creature called Zooney. From Zooney, his unwanted nomenclature metamorphosed to become ‘The Missing Link’, the fabled half man – half ape that palaeontologists sought to prove our ancestral lineage. As one could imagine it conjured up images of a frightful beast redolent of those created by Ray Harryhausen.

So as part penance I have grafted Bipolar man into the ascent of man photo and captured him at the knuckles dragging on the floor stage! I feel some affinity with this guy, as my behaviour can undoubtedly match the worst excesses of how we all perceive the archetypal ‘cave man’. I can certainly grunt, I can ‘lose it’ and show all the signs of ‘fight or flight’ when faced with threats. Equally I can be soft and relatively ‘new age’ when the euphoric stage kicks in, thus in evolutionary terms I seem very much the Missing Link. So I may petition the Royal Society with a claim that I have discovered it – and call it Homo Bipolarius.
Imagine the dictionary definition!

Homo Bipolarius ( hoh-moh-bi –po- lah – ri –us )
A thought to be extinct specie, but discovered alive and well and prospering across the globe. Typically short tempered and aggressive but capable of periods of calmness and logic; upright biped with large brain but with parts that don’t function. Handle with care. Evolved quickly from Manic Depressives and now found in profusion in Hollywood and other show business centres.

So if you see one when next you are out walking the moors, remember they respond well to love and understanding, but react badly when approached in a hostile and judgemental manner.

Go carefully!

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2 Responses to “The Missing Link”

  1. On October 18, 2013 at 2:31 pm dinah Lea responded with... #

    Brilliant read. a good laugh !

    • On October 21, 2013 at 10:19 am admin responded with... #

      Hi Dinah – so glad you enjoyed it. I’ve had grief from a couple of people about it would you believe. They feel I was saying bullying was part of Bipolar. Sadly some read what they want to read into it and stoke their own prejudices. Thankfully most like you enjoy and see it for what it is. You take care and hope all is well with you.
      Best Kit

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