The Loneliness of the Long Distance Twitterer

Maybe after 14,500 tweets I may have become a fully fledged Twit – quite possibly. But following hot on the heels of my last blog, the BBC has posted another article about an alarming rise in cases or depression.

Moreover, there is also another linked paper covering the part that loneliness can play in depression. As I live on my own out here in Dubai, I can buy that. I came here three years ago to escape the utter shambles my life had become after losing my business, home, parents, home and wife in a gloriously ghastly three year period. So I lost the infrastructure I’d taken for granted and was now forcibly estranged from my daughter, who remained in the UK.

The upward spike in depression diagnoses seems linked, understandably, to the recession, with people losing their jobs, homes and self esteem.

Against that I would like to sing the praises of the social media – Twitter, Facebook et al. Now those who know me of old would be shocked to hear me extol their virtues! And in my heart, social media does grind my gears, as I yearn for the lost times when one didn’t have a mobile, offices didn’t have meeting rooms, and there were only 3 TV channels. Our brains have to process ten times more information than they did just 40 years ago. And if we are honest, most of that information is utter drivel, and unlikely to ever be of real value.

But despite all this, I find myself supporting social media as a way of combating loneliness. Yes they may be cyber friends, but friends they have become, even though our physical paths may never cross.

As life becomes ever more fraught and difficult, as I fear it will do, the fact that we can communicate easily across boundaries and around the world, convinces me that better communication might yet see us through to something more agreeable.

So off I go now to post this wee homily to my 2500 followers.  Someone is always listening and your efforts are rarely unrewarded. It’s a leveller and seems classless too.

It sure beats being lonely.

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