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The Gong Show – or the ‘yes no’ interlude and Toilets


American readers will remember the Gong Show which, as the name suggests, was where a panel reviewed amateur acts and ‘gonged’ them if they were awful. Readers on my side of the Atlantic may remember ‘Take your Pick’ in which participants had to go through the ‘yes –no interlude’ that is not saying yes or no to questions asked. Often hilarious, because our hapless ‘wannabes’ would step forward and be asked their name, and reply ‘Kit Johnson’.

‘Kit Johnson?’ replied our quiz inquisitor, to which the idiot reply came back, ‘yes’

Blown out in 10 seconds!

In these politically correct times, we are encouraged to empathise, talk blandly, avoid causing any offence and so on. All well and good? – ‘err up to a point, but in our modern day efforts to apprise people of issues or difficulties, we can often just prattle on endlessly and vaguely, whilst in all probablity the recipient hasn’t got the foggiest idea what we are talking about!

It occurred to me that many words are expressed by many on Bipolar. But are we necessarily the wiser? Hmmmm!

So I thought it might be fun to cover some Bipolar points with the yes / no interlude. I hasten to add these are my views and not the medical professions. Here goes!

  • Is Bipolar a mental illness – Yes
  • Is it ascribed to many perceived mental illnesses – Yes
  • Is this because it is associated with creativity and intelligence – Yes
  • Is it curable – No
  • Is it manageable – Yes
  • Do the downsides outweigh the good sides – Yes
  • Is suicide a possibility – Yes
  • Is suicide likely – No
  • Do you feel omnipotent at times – Yes
  • Do you feel self- loathing at times – Yes
  • Do people really get it who haven’t got it – No
  • Can it spoil relationships – Yes
  • Does it spoil relationships – Yes
  • Are there any advantages – No
  • Can you predict when moods change – No
  • Do drugs work – Yes
  • Do drugs work – No
  • Does therapy work – Yes
  • Does therapy work – No
  • Do some people say they have it when they haven’t – Yes
  • Is it fashionable – Yes
  • Does it make you oversexed at times – Yes
  • Does it make you lethargic and catatonic at times – Yes
  • Does stress make it worse – Yes
  • Does Bipolar make you stressed – Yes
  • Do you go up and down like a Whore’s drawers – Yes
  • Are you irritable much of the time – Yes
  • Are you high as a kite when not irritable – Yes

And so on!!

Whilst it may not count as in depth analysis, I can’t escape the feeling that it cuts to the chase quicker than most learned approaches. I see no point in beating about the bush, nor in avoiding the overuse of metaphors! – but in an age of PC dancing on the proverbial pinhead, directness is welcome.

Those who follow me know of my predilection for humour to offset my problems. Our PC lead world can be summed up by the old story of the Toilet Attendant.

He is having a drink one evening and chats to the Barman.

‘Can’t say I fancy your job mate’ says the Barman

‘Well it was ok in the old days’ says the cleaner

‘The old days?’

‘Yeah – it’s all changed now. Bloody hell, the toilets are full of flashers, perverts, glue sniffers and druggies. When someone just comes in for a shit it’s like a breath of fresh air!’

Let’s tell it like it is eh!


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