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Still Kit

For those who follow me you might well have noticed quite an absence of late. I refuse to count the days since I last blogged as it might well depress me once more, and much prefer to bask in the soft glow of feeling more positive about life right now. This too will pass, but […]

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What we have here is a failure to communicate.

The above is a quote from the film Cool Hand Kit. Ok ….. Cool Hand Luke. Sadly Luke – Paul Newman ( a poor substitute for me on the looks front ) takes on the prison system, allowing himself to become a hero for the inmates, who look to him to voice and act on […]

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Mission Impossible – Bipolar Protocol

      Your mission – should you choose to accept it, is to conquer and manage your Bipolar!  A tough call? Well its far better than self destructing in five seconds wouldn’t you say?   If you are not managing your Bipolar – well maybe you should take on the mission. I did. It took […]

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The Pit and the Pendulum

    Recovering from a bad depressive episode, I was minded of the Edgar Allan Poe classic ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’ and in particular the opening words, which summed up where I was at: "I was sick—sick unto death with that long agony"   That is as about as close to how I felt as […]

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Online Disinhibition – a plus for Mental Health?

  Whilst there has been, quite rightly, a focus Cyber Bullying and Trolls, there is a counterbalance evident where the anonymity offered by the web encourages people to shed inhibitions and talk about their problems to comparative strangers. It’s worth considering why that is for a moment. Essentially one can characterise it thus:- You can’t […]

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Locus of Control – What’s your view?

            The term Locus of Control - LOC – was propounded 60 years ago by Julian Rotter, and does not refer to Bipolar or even Mental Illness per se, but seeks to determine one’s approach to life for want of a better description If you believe in fate and that life […]

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Bipolar Scotoma – a hidden condition?

          Scotoma– Greek for darkness- is a medical term for a blind spot in the eye. But when I say condition, I should qualify it with the caveat that all mammalian eyes have it. You are just unaware of it. So it’s a reasonable leap, not needing much faith, to wonder […]

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Say ‘aye for the Mental Health ( Discrimination) Bill being passed today

Let’s hope today, in the UK at least, marks a bold new step in eliminating discrimination against mental illness. Three cheers, trousers down and six of the best as they’d say in Eton! As some of my followers will know, railing against the mindless discriminations that masquerades as harmless banter, like ‘fruitloop’ or ‘nutcase’ or […]

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What if?

    That question, one which many will identify with, underpins large tracts of my existence. Living to 60 years of age should have diminished these fears, but it doesn’t! The condition associated with that question is not the preserve of Bipolar, and even to the uninitiated, is clearly associated with anxiety, but it certainly […]

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Most will know what I’m getting at here, but for those still struggling, I’m naming those types who say they are Bipolar when they are clearly not. As the condition is associated with creativity,y and that it can have its wild side, it seems to have been ‘adopted’ by Rock Stars and Hollywood B-Lister’s desperate […]

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