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Getting on top of Bipolar

If, like me, you get sick of CBT, ADHD, OCD, and all the other acronym driven definitions for cures or descriptions , let me share my thoughts based in living with Bipolar for 50 years. I’m not decrying what might work for you – be it analysis, or medication – but for me it comes […]

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Still Kit

For those who follow me you might well have noticed quite an absence of late. I refuse to count the days since I last blogged as it might well depress me once more, and much prefer to bask in the soft glow of feeling more positive about life right now. This too will pass, but […]

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At last a cure for Bipolar – marry yourself!

It’s been sometime since I’ve blogged – let’s just say Bipolar kind of got in the way. And when I do I often harp on about the impact of relationships on the condition. So imagine my joy when I suddenly came up with a brilliant condition curing idea – just marry yourself. No! no! no! […]

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The Missing Link

I regret to say that as a teenager I was something of a bully. I assuage my guilt through a rear-view mirror perespective that my bullying activity in no way matched what seems to occur today. Perhaps it was the Bipolar already kicking in that made me feel somehow separate and indeed inadequate in some […]

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What we have here is a failure to communicate.

The above is a quote from the film Cool Hand Kit. Ok ….. Cool Hand Luke. Sadly Luke – Paul Newman ( a poor substitute for me on the looks front ) takes on the prison system, allowing himself to become a hero for the inmates, who look to him to voice and act on […]

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Left a bit …ooooer…..right a bit….b******!

  A pig of a week, relationship issues, wrestling with my stupid brain, a touch of the Farmers due to stress!!  ….aarrggh! I was minded of those infernal games you used to get at Christmas, long before electronic stuff. They often popped out of the better class of Cracker! Then usually the worse for wear […]

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Who speaks for us?

        I’ve spoken at length that mental illness is the last bastion of mass prejudice. And in thinking about this, it suddenly occurred to me that I know of no-one who speaks in the media about mental illness who suffers from mental illness. I exclude from this the Hollywood types who get […]

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Say ‘aye for the Mental Health ( Discrimination) Bill being passed today

Let’s hope today, in the UK at least, marks a bold new step in eliminating discrimination against mental illness. Three cheers, trousers down and six of the best as they’d say in Eton! As some of my followers will know, railing against the mindless discriminations that masquerades as harmless banter, like ‘fruitloop’ or ‘nutcase’ or […]

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Its official – the World finally went mad on 4th February 2013

    I read today that an obscure Catholic lobby had managed to have a well known and respected quality food chain remove a newly launched potato crisp called Virgin Mary. It seems it was flavoured like the drink – with Tomato and Worcester Sauce.  I now nominate this earth shattering news as the day […]

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In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King

  I’m sure the Dutch Humanist and thinker, Erasmus, wasn’t thinking of Bipolar when he made this quote some 500 plus years ago, but it has resonance for sufferers of the condition. More often than not the condition drags us downwards and a more modern proverb might be ‘If I had been Marilyn Monroe’s child […]

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