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At last a cure for Bipolar – marry yourself!

It’s been sometime since I’ve blogged – let’s just say Bipolar kind of got in the way. And when I do I often harp on about the impact of relationships on the condition. So imagine my joy when I suddenly came up with a brilliant condition curing idea – just marry yourself. No! no! no! […]

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The Missing Link

I regret to say that as a teenager I was something of a bully. I assuage my guilt through a rear-view mirror perespective that my bullying activity in no way matched what seems to occur today. Perhaps it was the Bipolar already kicking in that made me feel somehow separate and indeed inadequate in some […]

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May contain Nuts

I’m never sure whether my bizarre brain makes spurious links or whether they happen to most people, but my thinking often ‘bursts out’ from innocent triggers. One such trigger was recalling that term Champagne Socialists – one that no longer fits the zeitgeist. My politics are of no consequence on this point, but I did […]

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Left a bit …ooooer…..right a bit….b******!

  A pig of a week, relationship issues, wrestling with my stupid brain, a touch of the Farmers due to stress!!  ….aarrggh! I was minded of those infernal games you used to get at Christmas, long before electronic stuff. They often popped out of the better class of Cracker! Then usually the worse for wear […]

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Online Disinhibition – a plus for Mental Health?

  Whilst there has been, quite rightly, a focus Cyber Bullying and Trolls, there is a counterbalance evident where the anonymity offered by the web encourages people to shed inhibitions and talk about their problems to comparative strangers. It’s worth considering why that is for a moment. Essentially one can characterise it thus:- You can’t […]

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Bipolar Scotoma – a hidden condition?

          Scotoma– Greek for darkness- is a medical term for a blind spot in the eye. But when I say condition, I should qualify it with the caveat that all mammalian eyes have it. You are just unaware of it. So it’s a reasonable leap, not needing much faith, to wonder […]

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And the Oscar goes to ……….. Bipolar!

        Wow how good is this, an Oscar for a film about Bipolar. Never thought I’d see the day. And it’s not half bad either. I say that with no irony – it’s just that previous films that touched on the subject seemed to be clueless to me: glossy, commercial views of […]

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Is the APA’s latest DSM-5 deliberation a step too far?

                                                                In a word – YES! It would seem the American Psychiatric Associations latest move with DSM-5  is to classify bereavement as depression, or rather, more vaguely, in typical obfuscation, grief will no longer disqualify you from being diagnosed with depression. Has it really come to this? Normal events – which sadly […]

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If someone avers ‘I’m not racist’, the opposite is invariably true. So how does that translate to attitudes to mental health?

          The  ‘I’m not racist’ or like another ‘I’m not homophobic’ are modern idioms in the mould of Gertrude in Hamlet when she says “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”  In the play, the irony in her remark is clear; the more one protests one’s innocence the more likely it […]

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Ok so I can’t spell Armageddon …. It’s not the end of the world

    Phew – wasn’t it the 21st December that the end of the world was forecast. The Mayan’s had predicted the same I believe. I read that there are now 4 million ‘preppers’ busily hoarding and boarding for the day for when it all goes tits up. What is surprising is that many really […]

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