Sense and Insensibility

Or you could say capability versus incapability. With apologies for paraphrasing Jane Austen, but on my walk this morning, as I wrestled with my mood, the words of her book resonated. I am confident in the capability of my brain in an intellectual sense, but totally lacking in confidence in the capability of my brain to act maturely or rationally. It’s no bloody wonder that it feels permanently fried! The Bible’s central theme is the battle between good and evil, God and Satan, brother against brother.

 It seems to me that one way to look at Bipolar is that we are really no different to anyone else in that intrinsic inner battle, but that our brains are programmed in a way that accentuates and emphasises this dichotomy to extremes. It’s not that profound really, but it sort of helps me feel a little less ‘abnormal’. A nice thought for the day! Enjoys yours.

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