Ok so I can’t spell Armageddon …. It’s not the end of the world



Phew – wasn’t it the 21st December that the end of the world was forecast. The Mayan’s had predicted the same I believe. I read that there are now 4 million ‘preppers’ busily hoarding and boarding for the day for when it all goes tits up. What is surprising is that many really believed the Mayan’s prediction – wonderful culture that they were – when their supposed far seeing gaze couldn’t predict the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors. Sort of blows their clairvoyancy out of the window doesn’t it?

But all this begs rather more worrying questions. Like are these people mentally ill in some way? As someone who is mentally ill, I know only too well how the demons lurking in the dormant organ I have for a brain can bend your mind, and how paranoia is just a heartbeat away. And this obsession with the end of the world seems like paranoia to me.

These modern soothsayers don’t predict it will end in 2150 or something, nope it’s always within the next few years, and my gut tells me that’s more about publicity than anything else. But wow!!  – how do they deal with it when the much vaunted day comes and passes without incident. They must feel stupid, or maybe they create a reason why it didn’t happen. Either way it just begs the question – are they mentally ill.

My point? – well as some may know it’s a drum I’ve been beating awhile now – that is, just who defines what is mental illness. Who draws that line? – the one between so called sanity and insanity – the answer? a drunk obviously. One thing is certain, I very much doubt is these ‘preppers’ see themselves as being insane. I bet they would argue that they are the sanest ones on the planet, and that their obsession will soon be seen as sound common sense.

I sort of admire that certainty and it would help me in many ways if I could muster up that inner confidence, but ultimately it’s a denial, and if I’m being honest it’s something that I did do for maybe 20 plus years. And like these guys having to see the end of days pass without a hiccup, I ran out of excuses and faced my issues head on.

So to parody the title of this blog – ok I’m mentally ill – it’s not the end of the world!

Something tells me I’ll be writing more next week!


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  1. On February 28, 2013 at 10:01 am carol smith responded with... #

    You are so funny! So I can’t spell armegeddon. It’s not the end of the world!!! It’s like 2am here and I should be quiet but that made me laugh. Keep us laughing, Kit. You and I know how very very very important it is to LAUGH!

    • On March 4, 2013 at 6:25 pm admin responded with... #

      Glad it lifted the spirits Carol

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