Mission Impossible – Bipolar Protocol




Your mission – should you choose to accept it, is to conquer and manage your Bipolar!  A tough call? Well its far better than self destructing in five seconds wouldn’t you say?  

If you are not managing your Bipolar – well maybe you should take on the mission. I did. It took a bloody sight longer than five seconds that’s for sure.

Meds not working? – change ‘em!

Psychiatrist still asking you how did that make you feel? – try another!

Ok I agree – slightly simplistic, but there is no particular virtue in complicated 

The temptation, I know, is to give up, and of course the depressive side makes that more likely, where you convince yourself ‘what’s the point?’ And when Euphoric, you think you are ok and are not Bipolar anyway.

I love Einstein’s definition of insanity ( stupidity too ), and that is doing the same thing over and over  again and expecting a different result. So apply that brilliant aphorism to your condition. Are you repeating things and wondering why there is no improvement?  Do you feel the meds are not right?

I am not advocating coming off meds, nor saying they don’t work, or that psychology or psychiatry are questionable solutions, but speaking for myself, I know that for too many years I subordinated my own common sense and intuition about my condition, and as a consequence ‘lost’ a big chunk of my life drifting in a ‘can’t be arsed stupor’ where I pretty much gave up, chock full or SSRI’s and analysed to death.

My way is not your way:  your way is your way. The mission is – have you found the right way? Simple question – complex answer maybe. But seek the answer. It’s a quest worthy of a film, and sometimes as scary and thrilling, but take the journey. Do not abrogate your responsibility for your own well-being to the experts. By all means take advice – it may be great – but never simply shrug and assume that the treatment suggested is ‘standard’ for the condition. No such thing! Just like we are now exhorted to avoid antibiotics if we can, because over subscribing not only lead to superbugs thriving, but has weakened our natural immune systems, then similarly we must not switch off to our own innate capabilities when managing our mental well-being. Maybe it’s a dopey analogy but if you’ve allowed a ‘crutch’ to become a full blown wheelchair, then maybe it’s time to review things.


This blog will not self-destruct in five seconds!



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