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I’m never sure whether my bizarre brain makes spurious links or whether they happen to most people, but my thinking often ‘bursts out’ from innocent triggers. One such trigger was recalling that term Champagne Socialists – one that no longer fits the zeitgeist. My politics are of no consequence on this point, but I did recoil at those who espoused the ethics and values of the working man, whilst sipping Champers from a hamper at the local shoot! Call me cynical but ……..

And the link? Well I get uncomfortable when ‘slebs’ come out saying they are Bipolar. Of course the illness is not the preserve of any class or race or whatever, and strikes randomly, but each time I learn of someone in the spotlight ‘coming out’ it always seems to me it’s those whose stardom has lost its lustre, and who are in danger of going off radar. Call me cynical ……..

It’s a mystery why Bipolar has become the mental illness that people seem able to relate to. Those without the condition now invariably seem to know someone who has it, or worse, they amateur diagnose an ex spouse or boyfriend with the sloppy comment ‘I think he was Bipolar’, without the foggiest notion of what the condition is. It was sexed up in the 1990’s from manic depression, in the same daft way a Chimney Sweep might now be termed ‘A Flu Technician’.

I fulminate at the way many people categorise mental illness by employing slang terms like ‘nutter’ or ‘fruitcake’ or ‘bampot’ etc, but there are moments when one wishes they were acceptable, simply because it might limit the number of those laying claim to being mentally ill. Stars saying they are this or that commands column inches and gets them back on the front pages, and dilutes the currency of my condition. Not that I want to be a persecuted minority of course, but having the condition lightened is as unhelpful as is the loose usage of slang terms.
Maybe I’m just an old curmudgeon – probably – but ….

I’m in that sort of mood today, full of moans and buts.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if my life could go in the reverse direction to those stars that come out. Imagine it this way. ‘Unknown Bipolar sufferer comes out as big star’.

There’s a headline. Not likely though. Have a good one!

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  1. On September 5, 2013 at 1:19 pm Bi Polar Chimp responded with... #

    Hi Kit,

    No you are not alone in this observation of “NIMBY” ism. (Nutter In My Back Yard) syndrome!

    Baring the excellent work done by the Blackdog website (Ruby Wax) it is strange to me that -and its normally an article in the Daily Mail over here Kit; that when ever a career is flagging the old Bi Polar alert flag goes up. It does not do us fellow official sufferers any good,because normally the press is sensationalistic and divisive in it’s content to shock the reader and promote the so called Celeb (somebody who left school with just a sewing certificate to their name in my experience ( OOPS I have just let slip a bi Polar trait of being judgmental-apologies!).

    Until one has lived with this terrible affliction,they (some celebs) have no idea how much strength,effort,voluntary work and sheer tenacity it takes to live in our,well rather shallow society;that is in my humble opinion of course.

    If any Celeb manager reads this well my hourly rate is 0 because I am proud to be me; I do not need this craving for attention. After all many of my fellow peeps are used to being ignored any way.

    Rant over,and as you can see Kit, I detest this subject as much as you mate.

    Best Wishes


    • On September 16, 2013 at 12:41 pm admin responded with... #

      Hi Pez

      As usual we are always on the same page!

      Hope you are well


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