Learning to let go

I’ve made some good friends through social media, and though we have not met in person, there’s no doubt that our shared experiences of Bipolar bring about a sort of emotional intimacy.

I have watched one such good friend suffer at the hands of what one might call a cyber bully. You know the type – opinionated cretins (this one claimed to be a Philosopher ! but could barely master basic English, with glorious bastardised syntax which sentences after the verb put) who delight in the secrecy inherent in cyber space, by hectoring and mocking mental conditions.

It reminded me of one of the most frustrating aspects of Bipolar – that of being unable to let go of issues, even when to argue and continue is utterly counterproductive. Frustration is a frequently experienced emotion, as is being misunderstood, or misinterpreted, and when they combine, a Bipolar person can be an impossibly belligerent pedant, over seemingly small potatoes.

I can still hear myself saying ‘and another thing’ whilst one’s arguing opponent had long since given up, and was by now setting fire to himself in order to get my attention.

I recall something my parent’s said over 30 years ago. My wife said to me that the cream in a Supermarket trifle was off. I smelt it, and indeed it was. Now as it was a bought trifle no possible embarrassment could fall on my Mother’s catering skills, but I remember her acquiescing with very little grace.  Then during a heated family argument, fully seven years later, my mother piped up, ’and another thing, the cream on that trifle was never off!’ As Victor Meldrew would have said ‘Unbelievable!’

So if you can identify with my story, try to let go. Put it in real perspective. To do otherwise risks stomach ulcers, and broken relationships. Move on!! It’s a good tip believe me.

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