Its official – the World finally went mad on 4th February 2013




I read today that an obscure Catholic lobby had managed to have a well known and respected quality food chain remove a newly launched potato crisp called Virgin Mary. It seems it was flavoured like the drink – with Tomato and Worcester Sauce.  I now nominate this earth shattering news as the day the world finally went mad.

I am not anti Catholic or anti anything: I’m a low key Christian, and I do not advocate anarchy or a disregard for religious sensitivities, but has it really come to this!  Here we are in a world where millions die of starvation, millions more live under brutal dictatorships, a truly horrid world for so many, yet a middle class Catholic lobby can make a decent company bend to its will over the name of some crisps. Madness, complete madness!  One cannot  ‘own’ words like virgin or mary, and how can one pressure group dictate such matters when there are likely more non believers than believers.

We live in a world now where nothing is as it seems, where people say one thing but do another.

Those who state they abhor plastic surgery then wear balaclavas as they go for their next Botox hit.

Those who say they are fat and happy, but who are having gastric bands fitted in secret

Those politicians who vote for comprehensive education but then quietly send their own kids privately

Those women who extol the works of Andrea Dworkin or Naomi Wolfe whilst reading 50 Shades of Grey through the anonymity of Kindle

People who witter away about the joys of being single, whilst trawling dating sites every night.

And any idiot knows that Spotted Dick is a pudding and not an STD. On that last point I am aware of pressure some time back to have it called Spotted Richard, on the grounds it had sexual overtones. Thankfully someone, somewhere, resisted it, or the lobby gave up.

Only last week the BBC admitted to editing out certain racial words from the Classic sitcom Fawlty Towers on the basis they might now cause offence. What a ridiculous air brushing of history. We cannot start editing the past to fit the here and now. The Holocaust is something that makes me shudder, but should we now cease to mention it and bleep out all references to it on the basis it might offend people, not least the Germans. I like the Germans and have no issues. Good God ( sorry blasphemous of me ) but we British did some pretty ghastly things in the days of Empire, but I see no reason to spring clean those elements out . Nor does it make me embarrassed to be British. It is what it is.

What happened to simply living, speaking, writing and acting in a straightforward way?  And what happened to tolerance. Or perhaps a better question is what happened to common sense, since the world seems to tolerate some horrific things, yet change only seems to occur at the margins and with daft stuff like potato crisps.

And some out there would like to class me as nuts!! It’s enough to turn me Bipolar. Drat – I already am.

The one positive to come out of the Virgin Mary crisps debacle is that the company ditching them gave the surplus packets to the homeless. Good for them. I wonder if the Catholic lobby group did as much for the same downtrodden. Doubt it somehow.

Rant over ! Feel so much better!

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