Is it all Greta and Charlie’s fault?


Greta + Charlie = Bipolar Baby!


One of the most ‘re-tweeted’  tweets of mine is that Bipolar is the bastard child of Greta Garbo and Charlie Chaplin. That’s probably because apart from being a nice bit of whimsy, it also has the ring of connectivity.

History and movie archives ensure we have a decent handle on their public personas, and never were there two better exemplars of the condition.  And of course, to this fanciful notion we can add the fact that there is clear evidence that the condition is genetically transferred.

Dysthymic could have been Greta Garbo’s middle name – being predisposed to melancholia, best exemplified by her famous line ‘I want to be alone’ in Grand Hotel. It turned out to be especially prescient since she abruptly quit Hollywood a few years later, and lived the rest of her life as a recluse. She was also, allegedly, quite promiscuous. One of the less savoury symptoms of Bipolar: dependent upon your viewpoint!

So imagine if she had engaged in sexual congress with Charlie Chaplin, whose screen image is one of a hapless idiot, forever stumbling through life in a blur of’pantomimesque’ nonsense.  For that read Euphoric!

It certainly doesn’t require much of a mental leap to imagine what progeny they might have created.

So there we have it – we are all descendants of iconic Hollywood superstars!

That feels so much better!

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