In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King


I’m sure the Dutch Humanist and thinker, Erasmus, wasn’t thinking of Bipolar when he made this quote some 500 plus years ago, but it has resonance for sufferers of the condition.

More often than not the condition drags us downwards and a more modern proverb might be ‘If I had been Marilyn Monroe’s child I’d have been breast fed’. It doesn’t hold quite the intellectual gravitas of the former, but I know I am more likely to adopt that downbeat view than to focus on the positives.

But there are many times when euphoric that you are a little omnipotent and undoubtedly capable of nudging ahead of your contemporaries. The trick is to recognise it and then to harness that ability and put it to good use.  Yes you will mess up at times, and yes you will feel when you do that you have undone all the good work you’ve done, but after 45 years with it, I can tell you it’s never quite as black and white as that, or as balloon puncturing as it feels. Many’s the time that I’ve achieved great things and that it’s lasted for months, then wham! – the wheels inexplicably come off and you career off the road into an emotional ditch. Try instead to see it more as a lay-by where you’ve pulled over to snooze for fear of falling asleep and crashing. Too often I crashed and burned and ran away from it all, only to discover later that people wondered why I reacted like that, as their view of my behavioural faux pas was far less negative than that of my own.

And that’s often the case! – sure we all know we can act like assholes at times, but heck,  plenty without Bipolar can do that.

So try hard to look to your successes and identify where your skills make you the One Eyed King, and even when the King’s Crown slips a little, remember it’s still probably sitting on your head, a bit askew maybe, and a tad undignified, but it’s there nonetheless.  Laugh off the indignity, show some Kingly humility if necessary, and straighten the crown.

Don’t be a dick like me and take 45 years to work that out!

Have a right royal go at it. Long live the King!


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2 Responses to “In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King”

  1. On February 26, 2013 at 6:08 pm Celeste Trotz responded with... #

    I am at that black and white stage. A great disappointment in something I had achieved, Something that goes beyond just effecting me. The loss was overwhelming right at this very point in time. My black and white. Success or failure. But there isn’t anything like that is there. There are all these shades of gray. I am now a one eyed king with a crown just a tad slipped to one side.

    But I will now remember throughout the day it’s ok.


    • On February 27, 2013 at 9:28 am admin responded with... #

      Hi Celeste.

      I’m too black and white. I know there are many colours in between, but the Bipolar continuum is rather two dimensional isn’t it. As long as the crown doesn’t slip over your good eye!

      Take care

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