Give in, Give up, or Give it everything!



Over the course of my life with Bipolar, I freely confess I’ve done my share of Giving in, and Giving up. But rarely if ever did I give it everything.

Until now – or more appositely – until I wrote my book.

It may be crap but it’s my crap. What I learned after another botched suicide was that there is no alternative to just ‘fessing up’ and putting it out there. And I mean put it out there. My book was my way of putting it out there.

I’m not advocating doing what I did, but discover who and what you are, and then celebrate it. Shout it from the rooftops and don’t give monkeys what anyone else thinks.

All my life I’ve tried to manage risk – and failed. Tried to bury or deny who I am.  If I had a ‘booty’ I’d be shaking it!  Tongue out and ‘yah boo sucks’ to everyone

I haven’t shed all of life’s conventions and still want to fit in, and have as normal a life as possible, but I learned to stop worrying about what people think.  As James Mason’s patriarchal character in Spring & Port Wine memorably said, ‘If we learned what people actually thought of us, we’d probably drop dead from shock’. That remark resonated so strongly with me at the time (1968) and its simple message still rings true today. But don’t be like me and wait 40 bloody years to act upon it!

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