Getting on top of Bipolar


If, like me, you get sick of CBT, ADHD, OCD, and all the other acronym driven definitions for cures or descriptions , let me share my thoughts based in living with Bipolar for 50 years. I’m not decrying what might work for you – be it analysis, or medication – but for me it comes down to two words – stress and relationships. Trust me – manage these two things and you will be 80% of the way towards managing your condition.

Some stress is good for all of us – be it a simple wish not to fail in life, or instilling in us a basic work ethic – but too much is a disaster for mental health conditions. Life happens, despite our best efforts to control it, and none of us can simply choose to ‘body swerve’ stress completely: but you can structure the fundamentals in your life that often cause stress. For example – do you really need to gear up the mortgage to get the better house ? – or covet the Beemer over your Mondeo? Do you need to go long haul to impress the neighbours ? Of course not! Too many of us strive for these false idols because we buy into the whole life cycle of what we believe constitutes success.

So take stock now and make some changes.

And secondly are you with the right person? A simple question, but one which may have complicated answers. There is no doubt that having loved ones around you who get the condition is the key imperative. I’m not talking about sheep who accept and live with your worst excesses – nope – I’m talking about strong people who will not be cowed by your bad behaviour, but whose strength lies in not judging, and they know how to ride out the storm and not let the elements get to them. These people are pearls beyond price
Please please do not underestimate these two facets as you learn to cope with your condition.

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