Getting Bipolar – Getting Bitter or Getting Better


Well it’s easy for me: I got Bipolar then got bitter ( for about 20 years!) then got better.  To parody a Charlton Heston quote ‘I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and trust me – rich is better

Well I’ve been bitter than bitter, and trust me better is better!

There’s a tongue twister for you. And no I’m not better, but I try to be. And though I eschew bitterness, I cannot deny that emotion overwhelms me every now and then. If I get ill treated, then yes, as per my earlier blog on schadenfreude, I do descend into bitterness and recrimination, looking to kick back at the source of my misery.

Of course bitterness is not the preserve of the Bipolar sufferer, it can afflict anyone.  And it can be a force for good at times. The anger I felt at being treated shabbily in a past love affair lead me to write my book.  It was either that or wallowing in self pity and self loathing – so yes bitterness was better. But better still is to shed that bitterness. It may sustain you on occasion as you haul yourself out of the trough of despond, but long term it corrodes your insides like battery acid, and can seriously damage your health.

So remember – don’t get bitter and bitter get better and better.

And as a famous anarchic pop group once said ‘Never mind the bollocks!!’

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