Does Bipolar make you Procrastinate?




No it’s not a sexual perversion! I love malapropisms. A favourite is the Judge who becomes exasperated with a gum chewing defendant and tells the Bailiff to have him stop masticating. The Bailiff leans over and says ‘Oi you, take your hands out of your pockets’

I think Bipolar can make you procrastinate when Dysthymic, but when Euphoric, I can make decisions in milliseconds. So which is better? Well after 45 years I’ve moved from the seductiveness of rapid crazy decisions, where I justified it as being the best thing about Bipolar, to seeing procrastinating as being much the more sensible option, if only it didn’t seem to go with feeling depressed! 

I’d be good company. Leonardo Da Vinci took 16 years to finish the Mona Lisa. He couldn’t be arsed doing it most of time, and only completed the Last Supper when his sponsor threatened to cut off the conkers. Its amazing how creative he was when running out of cash.

Victor Hugo was such a procrastinator that he’d write naked: he had his servant hide his clothes so that he couldn’t wander off admiring Parisian crumpet. So if he had not been a procrastinator then Russell Crowe wouldn’t be singing in Les Miserables  

It was Edward Young who coined ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’ and it’s a favourite amongst high flying executives. Thing is, the longest term business investor is Warren Buffet who rarely sells stock for decades, and, surprise, surprise, he’s the second richest man on earth. So when you put off things to the last minute, relax! – they’ll only take a minute to do!

Research has shown ( Academy of Management ) that when faced with right or wrong decisions, the procrastinator is 5 times more likely to make the correct decision. Time often allows empirical evidence to overrule intuition.

So next time someone accuses you of procrastination, take some time to point out what their haste might be missing.








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