Do manners matter?




Manners maketh the man or so they say. Do they? Yes I think they do.

But having lived overseas many years, I can accept we British are particularly hung up on this in a way others are not. But is that a good thing? Yes I think it is.

We Brits are past masters at verbal obfuscation, using phrases like ‘might I suggest’ or ‘I guess what I’m saying is’ so that we avoid appearing too blunt, or perhaps ‘I gather’ or ‘possibly’ or ‘presumably’ all of which are qualifiers to avoid being too assertive.

Only we Brits can moan and groan for ages and then finish with the immortal line ‘still mustn’t grumble’ What’s that all about?

And of course what other nation uses the word sorry with such wanton abandon? You can be walking through the door of a shop and accidentally kick a guy in the balls and he is likely to say sorry. Yep, run over a cyclist and as you rush to his aid, he is likely to say sorry.

But equally there are some aspects of male behaviour that begs the question – where are his manners? For instance, why is it men feel compelled to examine the contents of their handkerchiefs after they have blown their nose? Are they looking for pearls or diamonds to have emerged. Of course we can witness this daily as nose blowing is a quasi public activity. My Bipolar brain ( focussed as it often is on matters filthy ) makes the logical leap and wonders if men examine their used toilet paper with the same intensity.

Take technology – am I the only person who finds it offensive that my dining partner will think nothing of addressing his smart-phone and texting whilst in mid conversation. Worst of all is that he is likely to have no conception of why you are irritated.

The problem is magnified if you have Bipolar since you have this built in mania that never misses a tick, or a single faux pas.

Take breaking wind. I was brought up that one simply never did it in public and when I go to a public loo I sit there frightened of limbo dancers coming under the door. If I need to peep, I let it out in a series of controlled silent whooshes, and blush with embarrassment if my sphincter control lets me down and a rasper is heard. . Yet others are brought up under the old adage – where’re you be let your wind fly free!’ I have friends who are like the legendary farter Le Petamaine who could fart the Marsellaise without drawing breath ( no pun intended!). Is it bad manners? Depends on how you are brought up I guess.

And my point? Well I haven’t got one. I just find the subject matter amusing and thought provoking. I hope you do too!


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  1. On May 30, 2015 at 7:18 pm Helen responded with... #

    I agree with you. I was brought up with similar manners and I’m irritated by those who don’t have the manners.

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