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What we have here is a failure to communicate.

The above is a quote from the film Cool Hand Kit. Ok ….. Cool Hand Luke. Sadly Luke – Paul Newman ( a poor substitute for me on the looks front ) takes on the prison system, allowing himself to become a hero for the inmates, who look to him to voice and act on […]

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Ramadan and my Bipolar

It’s the start of Ramadan today and, as is my way, I always look for linkages between life events and Bipolar – however specious and pathetically weak they might appear. As most of you will know there are two distinct elements to Ramadan – being the fasting during the period from dawn to dusk, followed […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

        I made an earth shattering discovery today – I think I’ve unearthed a new mental illness. It’s called Tripolar!  Let me explain. A couple of days ago I heard that unique riff or refrain that underscored the film, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. And it immediately struck me there […]

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Left a bit …ooooer…..right a bit….b******!

  A pig of a week, relationship issues, wrestling with my stupid brain, a touch of the Farmers due to stress!!  ….aarrggh! I was minded of those infernal games you used to get at Christmas, long before electronic stuff. They often popped out of the better class of Cracker! Then usually the worse for wear […]

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Who speaks for us?

        I’ve spoken at length that mental illness is the last bastion of mass prejudice. And in thinking about this, it suddenly occurred to me that I know of no-one who speaks in the media about mental illness who suffers from mental illness. I exclude from this the Hollywood types who get […]

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Mission Impossible – Bipolar Protocol

      Your mission – should you choose to accept it, is to conquer and manage your Bipolar!  A tough call? Well its far better than self destructing in five seconds wouldn’t you say?   If you are not managing your Bipolar – well maybe you should take on the mission. I did. It took […]

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The Pit and the Pendulum

    Recovering from a bad depressive episode, I was minded of the Edgar Allan Poe classic ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’ and in particular the opening words, which summed up where I was at: "I was sick—sick unto death with that long agony"   That is as about as close to how I felt as […]

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Online Disinhibition – a plus for Mental Health?

  Whilst there has been, quite rightly, a focus Cyber Bullying and Trolls, there is a counterbalance evident where the anonymity offered by the web encourages people to shed inhibitions and talk about their problems to comparative strangers. It’s worth considering why that is for a moment. Essentially one can characterise it thus:- You can’t […]

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The ‘Availability Heuristic’ that says maybe it’s not so bad

   Whisper it very softly, but the above term was, I think, coined by psychologists, but haste ye not away at that revelation – bear with me! First a cod description of this tongue twister: it occurs when people make judgements about the probability of events based on what examples easily spring to mind. To plagiarise […]

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The Splenetic Rantings of a Bipolarian

          That’s got your attention. I’m aware that my Bipolar hardly imbues with me good grace, or patience, but sometimes you just want to shake the arse of an ever-more nonsensical  world. I’ve previously blogged on Childhood Bipolar, or rather the ridiculous over-zealous diagnosing of same, in which normal angst and teenage hormones […]

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