Can you help my friend?




My friend has one of those extending ladders. It has been very reliable over the past 30 years, but recently he has difficulty in keeping it erect. It extends without problem, but the without warning it will slip back down again, often at the most inappropriate moment. I suggested lubricating it and then rapidly extending it up and down a few times to get the mechanism working again. He tried this and it seemed to work ok, so he quickly set about clearing the upstairs drainpipe. With his wife gripping it tightly at the bottom, they had it firmly pressed against the wall, and he was up and at it when it gave way yet again. Luckily he landed in a thick bush and emerged unhurt, but with some damage to his dignity. Someone else suggested wrapping tight cords around the base and half way up, but this seems a little impractical. It causing my friend a lot of frustration as he knows the drainpipe is in need of urgent attention, not to mention the back passage which has been ignored for some time now.

Any suggestions?

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