Bugsy Bipolar – Protracted Adolescence


Remember that film – cute little kids with fake shooters and accents like Bogart?
Kids projected into adulthood – bit like Bipolar eh? Reckon so as they say.

Trouble is we find them cute and appealing, but when Bipolar makes kids of us adults the reaction is not the same. Maybe we’d be cut more slack if we renamed it again and now called it PA syndrome aka Protracted Adolescence.
It might mean we retain that creativity that kids possess, but the childishness evident in our worst excesses quickly extinguishes those perceived benefits.

I’m writing this today as I’ve had a childish spat – thrown the dummy out, stamped my feet and had a tantrum. So all in all, a crap day. Depressed? You bet!

It just happens. So bloody annoying! I have managed to really get on top of it these last few years but when the wheels come off without warning it’s a real bummer. Though I tell myself it’s just a blip, I had again allowed myself to think that now, finally, I’d beaten it. Obviously not: what a pain!

The trick now is not to beat myself up and see the blip for what it is – a blip. Like going back to the drink I imagine. If you do fall off the wagon the trick is not to simply think you’ve blotted your copy and sink back into it all again. But the temptation to wallow in self pity is huge. For now I’m avoiding it and committing my thoughts to paper. Wish me well!!

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