Bloody hell! No wonder I’ve tried suicide


Just been reading a fascinating but pretty harrowing account about Bipolar

Creativity is often linked to mental illness and writers are particularly susceptible. Great ! – pass the cyanide now!

Writers had a higher risk of anxiety and bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, unipolar depression, and substance abuse, the Swedish researchers at the Karolinska Institute found.

The good news? – well it seems my attempts and, who knows, subsequent success at some future point, have Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemmingway, Graham Green and Hans Christian Andersen in common. So to paraphrase Janis Joplin ‘ Oh Lord won’t you buy me a best seller’. I don’t mind being Bipolar as long as I get a brief 15 minutes ‘Warholesque’ blast of fame.

Here’s hoping!

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