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Getting on top of Bipolar

If, like me, you get sick of CBT, ADHD, OCD, and all the other acronym driven definitions for cures or descriptions , let me share my thoughts based in living with Bipolar for 50 years. I’m not decrying what might work for you – be it analysis, or medication – but for me it comes […]

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When I’m 64 – Living with Bipolar

Having past the unmemorable milestone of 63 last week, I found myself humming that old Beatles’ song, ‘When I’m 64’ or more appropriately When I’m 64 – Living with Bipolar Hell ! will you still feed me, will you still need me etc! Life certainly does seem evermore clichéd as you get older – I […]

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Still Kit

For those who follow me you might well have noticed quite an absence of late. I refuse to count the days since I last blogged as it might well depress me once more, and much prefer to bask in the soft glow of feeling more positive about life right now. This too will pass, but […]

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At last a cure for Bipolar – marry yourself!

It’s been sometime since I’ve blogged – let’s just say Bipolar kind of got in the way. And when I do I often harp on about the impact of relationships on the condition. So imagine my joy when I suddenly came up with a brilliant condition curing idea – just marry yourself. No! no! no! […]

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To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield

Great words!! Inspirational!! Tennyson could have been writing for a way to deal with Bipolar as opposed to Ulysses. But examine the words even in context and they have resonance for Bipolar since Tennyson looks to describe Ulysses’ restless longing for adventure even after returning to his beloved Penelope:a restlessness that I can identify with. […]

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Seasonality – or rather the lack of it!

We’ve all heard of SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder), and having been born in the dreary climate of northern England, I can testify to the debilitating effects of grey weather and short winter days. Add to this the ‘health lobby’s’ continual mantra about the damage of the sun’s rays and little wonder the lack of […]

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Bugsy Bipolar – Protracted Adolescence

Remember that film – cute little kids with fake shooters and accents like Bogart? Kids projected into adulthood – bit like Bipolar eh? Reckon so as they say. Trouble is we find them cute and appealing, but when Bipolar makes kids of us adults the reaction is not the same. Maybe we’d be cut more […]

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Occam’s Bipolar Razor

Apologies for paraphrasing William Occam’s theory promulgated as long ago as the 13th Century, in which to paraphrase yet further, he states “simpler explanations are, other things being equal, generally better than more complex ones” Or to stick to a colloquial version of which he might have approved, ‘keep it simple stupid’ It’s a theory […]

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How I wish I’d never used the ‘bully’ word

In my most recent post I attempted a small mea culpa about my bullying behaviour some 45 years previous. Not that it had been troubling me, as it was relatively minor, and was not something I ever did after my troubled teenage years. I wrote, as usual, to add some thoughts on Bipolar. And whooah […]

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The Missing Link

I regret to say that as a teenager I was something of a bully. I assuage my guilt through a rear-view mirror perespective that my bullying activity in no way matched what seems to occur today. Perhaps it was the Bipolar already kicking in that made me feel somehow separate and indeed inadequate in some […]

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