And the Oscar goes to ……….. Bipolar!





Wow how good is this, an Oscar for a film about Bipolar. Never thought I’d see the day. And it’s not half bad either. I say that with no irony – it’s just that previous films that touched on the subject seemed to be clueless to me: glossy, commercial views of the condition that bore no relation to the Bipolar I know. I suspect, being the cynic that I am, that it will lead to some fairly casual, loosely accurate off the cuff diagnoses by Joe Public, along the lines of ‘ooh I think my last boyfriend was Bipolar’ but despite these expected irritations, it’s bound to do more good than bad. It should certainly elevate the condition beyond the throwaways lines of nutcase or whatever.  


But in fairness, it’s not as if we sufferers are sweet innocents. Only today I had to block someone on Twitter – probably someone with whom I’d ordinarily have sympathy, but based on one tweet she abused me without the slightest clue about what I’m about. She took my humour as disrespectful and acted as if I was someone who wasn’t mentally ill who was poking fun at sufferers. A brief look at my Bio and a few tweets would have told her all she needed to know, but a hair trigger response and any hope of a media relationship was killed at birth! I am sure she perhaps couldn’t help it as she has a mental condition that makes rationality unlikely. But reactions like hers do unfortunately play into the hands of those who ‘judge us’ mockingly. 


This type or reaction has reinforced my view that you have to protect yourself and step back from confrontation. The urge to hit back is huge – your feelings are hurt (albeit in a way most people could shrug off) and the natural, though disagreeable reaction, is to lash back. It offers some very short term succour and the feeling of salving your wounded pride, but do try to avoid it. That’s what I like about Twitter and other media – you can simply block them. Though I love helping others and will take endless patience to help those in distress, take a tip that I practice above all others, do look after your own psyche first and foremost! In times past I would have allowed my hurt to react in ways out of all proportion to the ‘crime’ and launch an attack. Then hours and days later I would feel bad and depressed at the whole debacle.  So I am now very disciplined and at the first sign of any non-sought for aggression, I hit the block button, and to use a modern cliché – I move on! 


So today I have awarded myself an Oscar for common sense and self preservation. Feels good too!

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