A False Epidemic – or Teenage Mutant Bipolar Losers?



Nope it’s not a re-hash or re-run of Teenage Mutant Bipolar Heroes ( April 2012 ) but a different take on the same issue. What prompted it? – well I was on Huffington Post Live today, and the subject was ‘A false epidemic?’  Check it out here –

The stats were rather scary – like humungous increases in Teenage Bipolar diagnosis – say 4000% over the last few years. Forget whether that is accurate – take it from me, who has it, that I can believe it. I alone have witnessed countless stories of this family or that family having a child with Bipolar. My friend has a troublesome niece – nothing weird there I’d say as she’s 14! – but after one 45 minutes session with a respected London psychiatrist, she was diagnosed as a Sociopath with Bipolar. Wow!! In just 45 minutes – the guy is a genius! Or as is more likely – an idiot!.

Given most kids can’t string two words together through shyness at that age, then to draw such life changing conclusions from a few minutes inarticulacy beggars belief. But this is going on every minute around the world.

It seems life now has to be labelled and sorted and accompanied by the prescribed ‘silver bullet’  – that’s is drugs.  If someone loses a loved one, they are immediately classed as depressed and given a drug. Of course they’re depressed, it’s called grieving for goodness sake.

And the other side effect (no pun) of this ‘mass diagnosis’ is that ones who really have it find their condition being devalued like an over abundant currency. Not that one wants to bask in the supposed rareness of the condition, but if it’s treated almost like the common cold, then those who really suffer can find their condition totally underestimated.

The number of times I hear, on saying I have Bipolar, ‘oh yes I think my last boyfriend had it’ – or ‘ooh yes, my sister’s husband has it.’ From this we can deduce the following;-

  • A man is pig ignorant and simply a bully – yep he’s Bipolar
  • A woman is house proud and like cleanliness – yep again its probably Bipolar


What worries me is that it will become a default generic term for mental illness, like nutter, or fruitcake, or wacko. For vacuum cleaner read Hoover, and for Mental Illness read Bipolar. It’s difficult to get true understanding and empathy from a population that simply nods at Bipolar and answers, ‘yeah I wonder if I’ve got it too, as I get so angry with my husband’.

The incidence of mass and faulty diagnosis must be huge and indeed the concomitant rise in the prescribing of drugs, no doubt peddled aggressively by the pharmaceutical industry. It’s a very worrying trend and it needs addressing.

My advice? –as per the last blog on the subject – seek 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th opinions if required, and NEVER, ever discount your own common sense, or the commentary offered by the sufferer. If you can approach matters without bias or a closed mind, you can draw many of the right conclusions, and if nothing else, interrogate the ‘experts’ opinion from an informed and astute perspective.

Good luck!

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