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The ‘Availability Heuristic’ that says maybe it’s not so bad

   Whisper it very softly, but the above term was, I think, coined by psychologists, but haste ye not away at that revelation – bear with me! First a cod description of this tongue twister: it occurs when people make judgements about the probability of events based on what examples easily spring to mind. To plagiarise […]

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The Splenetic Rantings of a Bipolarian

          That’s got your attention. I’m aware that my Bipolar hardly imbues with me good grace, or patience, but sometimes you just want to shake the arse of an ever-more nonsensical  world. I’ve previously blogged on Childhood Bipolar, or rather the ridiculous over-zealous diagnosing of same, in which normal angst and teenage hormones […]

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The Turning Point – did I see the White Light?

          People often ask me where or when my Damascene conversion took place that enabled me to step back from the brink and share my experiences of living with Bipolar. That’s easy, and as usual with me, it is shrouded in comic sentiment. I tried the painless method of car exhaust […]

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Locus of Control – What’s your view?

            The term Locus of Control - LOC – was propounded 60 years ago by Julian Rotter, and does not refer to Bipolar or even Mental Illness per se, but seeks to determine one’s approach to life for want of a better description If you believe in fate and that life […]

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Bipolar Scotoma – a hidden condition?

          Scotoma– Greek for darkness- is a medical term for a blind spot in the eye. But when I say condition, I should qualify it with the caveat that all mammalian eyes have it. You are just unaware of it. So it’s a reasonable leap, not needing much faith, to wonder […]

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Special Needs? – are we sure?

            When I began writing about life with Bipolar, I made a pact with myself not to stray off message, or be tempted into territory where my experience/expertise gave me limited credibility. That opening prompts the word but ……… and you’d be right. And maybe I’m not straying that much […]

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