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And the Oscar goes to ……….. Bipolar!

        Wow how good is this, an Oscar for a film about Bipolar. Never thought I’d see the day. And it’s not half bad either. I say that with no irony – it’s just that previous films that touched on the subject seemed to be clueless to me: glossy, commercial views of […]

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Does Bipolar make you Procrastinate?

      No it’s not a sexual perversion! I love malapropisms. A favourite is the Judge who becomes exasperated with a gum chewing defendant and tells the Bailiff to have him stop masticating. The Bailiff leans over and says ‘Oi you, take your hands out of your pockets’ I think Bipolar can make you procrastinate […]

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Is the APA’s latest DSM-5 deliberation a step too far?

                                                                In a word – YES! It would seem the American Psychiatric Associations latest move with DSM-5  is to classify bereavement as depression, or rather, more vaguely, in typical obfuscation, grief will no longer disqualify you from being diagnosed with depression. Has it really come to this? Normal events – which sadly […]

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Say ‘aye for the Mental Health ( Discrimination) Bill being passed today

Let’s hope today, in the UK at least, marks a bold new step in eliminating discrimination against mental illness. Three cheers, trousers down and six of the best as they’d say in Eton! As some of my followers will know, railing against the mindless discriminations that masquerades as harmless banter, like ‘fruitloop’ or ‘nutcase’ or […]

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Its official – the World finally went mad on 4th February 2013

    I read today that an obscure Catholic lobby had managed to have a well known and respected quality food chain remove a newly launched potato crisp called Virgin Mary. It seems it was flavoured like the drink – with Tomato and Worcester Sauce.  I now nominate this earth shattering news as the day […]

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In my day – do you feel depressed when you hear a conversation start that way?

      I’m not so sure I do actually. In fact, as a 60 year old I’m probably likely to start it just that way. I guess there’s a balance to be struck, as with all things, but not all progress is that – progress.  One could easily be persuaded that we’ve progressed well […]

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