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Bipolar Pride and Prejudice

  Did you know that today, 28th January , is the 200th anniversary of the publishing of Jane Austen’s best known work. As most will know it’s about love and how irrationally held views and emotions can easily scupper relationships. So is it much of a leap to find parallels in mental health, where irrationally […]

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Today’s big Question – If Turkey was invaded from behind would Greece help?

  Hah – that got your attention didn’t it? A momentary pause whilst you flipped from thinking it was a serious political question to ‘err is that saying what I think!! Funny how most people like that joke, but if I stray into did you hear the one about the Greek or what about the […]

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In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King

  I’m sure the Dutch Humanist and thinker, Erasmus, wasn’t thinking of Bipolar when he made this quote some 500 plus years ago, but it has resonance for sufferers of the condition. More often than not the condition drags us downwards and a more modern proverb might be ‘If I had been Marilyn Monroe’s child […]

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Getting Bipolar – Getting Bitter or Getting Better

  Well it’s easy for me: I got Bipolar then got bitter ( for about 20 years!) then got better.  To parody a Charlton Heston quote ‘I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and trust me – rich is better Well I’ve been bitter than bitter, and trust me better is better! There’s a tongue […]

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Made it Ma – Top of the World !

  I abhor speaking ill of the dead, and of that ghastly modern trend to state you were abused by someone now dead as a way of explaining your criminal behaviour. But…….. I had a very overbearing Mother who had many qualities that were good and noble, but who found herself unable to express softness […]

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Do manners matter?

      Manners maketh the man or so they say. Do they? Yes I think they do. But having lived overseas many years, I can accept we British are particularly hung up on this in a way others are not. But is that a good thing? Yes I think it is. We Brits are […]

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If someone avers ‘I’m not racist’, the opposite is invariably true. So how does that translate to attitudes to mental health?

          The  ‘I’m not racist’ or like another ‘I’m not homophobic’ are modern idioms in the mould of Gertrude in Hamlet when she says “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”  In the play, the irony in her remark is clear; the more one protests one’s innocence the more likely it […]

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