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So this is Christmas – and what have you done?

    I read somewhere that 2.5m 45 to 64 year olds in the UK live alone. And it stretches to way over 6m for the population as a whole. So what you might say. Maybe a scarier statistic is that these numbers have doubled since 1990. I’m no social scientist, but that number clearly […]

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Ok so I can’t spell Armageddon …. It’s not the end of the world

    Phew – wasn’t it the 21st December that the end of the world was forecast. The Mayan’s had predicted the same I believe. I read that there are now 4 million ‘preppers’ busily hoarding and boarding for the day for when it all goes tits up. What is surprising is that many really […]

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Bipolar and schadenfreude

  It’s a great term isn’t it ? – schadenfreude! Delight in another’s misfortune. Those Germans sure knew what they were about! In one word they express exactly what a shit I can be at times. When low and dysthymic there is joy in looking for misery in others. It’s sort of life reaffirming in […]

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Does materialism make your Bipolar worse?

      It’s such a leading question I reckon most can guess my answer – a resounding yes! Before extolling the virtues of a simpler life let me nail down a few things.   I’m not against capitalism – far from it. I’m not a hypocrite – I like the nice things in life. […]

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Give in, Give up, or Give it everything!

    Over the course of my life with Bipolar, I freely confess I’ve done my share of Giving in, and Giving up. But rarely if ever did I give it everything. Until now – or more appositely – until I wrote my book. It may be crap but it’s my crap. What I learned […]

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