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Altered stereotypes

I’m always banging the drum against mental illness stigma, and though it’s a serious subject, I always try to see the lighter side.  You won’t change people’s opinions through hectoring or even legislation, but making them see the error of their ways through humour might, in my opinion, be the better way. I know that […]

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Resident Evil- Is Bipolar really like that?

I have to say that sometimes it is. Sometimes the paranoia overwhelms you and evil thoughts and deeds wash through my head as I imagine what I will do or say to those who have ‘abused me’.  Maybe they did abuse me. And maybe not, but what I can admit it, is that when the […]

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Silicon chip inside her head is switched to overload

Beware cod psychologists!! Yet here I am about to espouse my own thinking on how to manage Bipolar! My excuse? –  well I’ve seen no end of shrinks and have had the condition 45 years, so I’m qualified to have my tuppence worth. It has its roots way back in Freudian thinking, and its bastardised […]

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Learning to let go

I’ve made some good friends through social media, and though we have not met in person, there’s no doubt that our shared experiences of Bipolar bring about a sort of emotional intimacy. I have watched one such good friend suffer at the hands of what one might call a cyber bully. You know the type […]

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Can you help my friend?

      My friend has one of those extending ladders. It has been very reliable over the past 30 years, but recently he has difficulty in keeping it erect. It extends without problem, but the without warning it will slip back down again, often at the most inappropriate moment. I suggested lubricating it and […]

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Sense and Insensibility

Or you could say capability versus incapability. With apologies for paraphrasing Jane Austen, but on my walk this morning, as I wrestled with my mood, the words of her book resonated. I am confident in the capability of my brain in an intellectual sense, but totally lacking in confidence in the capability of my brain […]

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Semper in excreta sumus solum profundum variat

  I always knew I was a frustrated classic scholar. For those of you denied a classical education, this wonderful Latin aphorism says it all for me Always in the shit – only the depth varies It struck me as particularly apposite to my condition. Devotees of my work ( not enough of you yet […]

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Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

That haunting U2 tune might have been written for me. For years I didn’t know I had Bipolar and thus sought remedies in new cars, new houses, new jobs and worst of all, new relationships. Pursuing these false idols kept me convinced for a long time that I was as ‘normal’ as everyone else seemed […]

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Bipolar can be a Contrary Bastard – The Sequel!

  I received some thought provoking replies to my earlier blog by a similar title. One was from a step-mother to a 13 year old child. I felt for her and could feel her frustration on many levels.  It begged a few questions. Firstly, whilst one of the clichés, step children and step parents are […]

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