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Bipolar Doggerel – Read and weep!

I was born and then I wed Got Bipolar – wished I was dead You should try these pills said the shrink Then you’ll be back in the pink But all I did was belch at will So much wind from one small pill But what a lover I became In fact that’s the point […]

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Rinse that Bipolar Brain

Some of you may have read my Sunday Bipolar Sunday blog and the comments on simplifying one’s life. On reflection, I felt there was much more to say on this subject. I read somewhere that the brain now has to process 8 times more information daily than in 1970. I can believe it. Yes of […]

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Sunday Bipolar Sunday

There’s one obvious plus about living in Dubai, Sunday is in effect Monday! For me, Sunday’s were too often characterised by a descent into misery. Perhaps it was the thought of work tomorrow, or that two days of ‘company’ with one’s nearest and dearest sometime’s proved too much for my Bipolar brain, and that I […]

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SSRI’s, Bipolar and the Olympics

The links are less tenuous than you imagine! For those readers who have taken Anti-Depressants – SSRI’s – they may well have suffered from such indigestion that their belching could have won a gold medal for England if it became an Olympic event. The other even less attractive side effect can be erectile dysfunction, but […]

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Bipolar Discrimination Act 2012

  A White Paper has been issued outlawing discrimination against Bipolar. From now on sufferers will be automatically promoted each year to reflect their creative brilliance they possess.  The temper tantrums are now seen as opportunities to instil fear into an otherwise bone idle workforce. A Fascist approach to management is now viewed as essential […]

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The Importance of being Earnest

Oscar Wilde my apologies – and a better title might be the importance of communicating. That’s a statement of the bleedin’ obvious, but entirely apposite to those suffering with Bipolar. I wrote yesterday of my emergence from a deep, deep dysthymic episode, and by the end of it, the blog had left me with a […]

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The True Edge of Reason

I’m writing this as I recover from a bad, bad episode with Bipolar. It’s a bugger and no mistake – to paraphrase the JAWS strap-line – ‘Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water’. It lulls you into thinking you may be through it, then wham it plugs you like […]

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