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Roller Coaster or Merry-go-Round?

        Which are you? My Dad took me on a Roller Coaster at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach when I was five – up and down, up and down, left and right. Wow! I always begged for another go: it was exciting, scary, thrilling, fast and terrifying, but a great ride. After that, the […]

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Bipolar can be such a contrary Bastard

I think the worst aspect of my condition is the moments of utter stomach churning childishness that emerge from nowhere, which can often have catastrophic consequences. You can be bowling along, almost convinced the bad days are behind you, then wham!.  One of my triggers is to be reminded of my previous misdemeanours, however innocently […]

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Bipolar and Love

Do they go together? Love and marriage – horse and carriage? – does it work with Bipolar? Well I’ll be straight with you, for many years I doubted it. I was not an easy guy to live with – no doubts on that score – but I now realise my partners were not right either. […]

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Paralympics – lessons for us all

It’s truly great to see how big an event the Paralympics has become, and how in many ways the games demonstrate the decreasing relevance of disability. And let us hope that the press or the world at large does not overdo the words like ‘heroes’ or ‘brave’or’inspiring’ . Of course one can agree with all […]

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Monday Monday so Good to Me

I remember that old Mama’s and Papa’s hit from 1966. I was 14 and Bipolar was the card I was shortly to be dealt!  Never saw the significance of Monday’s then.  Now I try to see each Monday as a sort of mini renewed effort. Bipolar lurks there, quietly, furtive, just waiting to pop out […]

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One small Step for Man

One giant leap for Bipolar! Hmmm it would be nice to see a giant leap for Bipolar, but can’t see that yet. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve ‘come out’ to someone, only to find some weeks later, an argument might ensue, and the term ‘you’re not normal’ is uttered. Or […]

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10 ways to tell if you have Bipolar

  If you find yourself counting the number of items in people’s baskets at the 9 items or less counter If you pick up on the number of times someone is sniffing If you lie in bed extrapolating why he or she said this at the party you’ve just been too and have become convinced […]

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Bipolar Masterchef

I was imagining if a recipe or dish was called Bipolar just what it might consist of! It would have to be a Curry – fiery and hot with loads of mint yoghurt  to cool when the eating gets too much.  Washed down with gallons of ice cold beer to the point of stupor! Bipolar […]

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What do you get when you fall in love?

A guy (girl ) with a pin to burst your bubble! That’s what you get for all your trouble. So will I fall in love again? Well I have wondered that many times, but like a moth to the flame, I cannot seem to resist the triumph of hope over experience. Why? Well for the […]

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Wednesday’s child is full of woe

Thursday’s child has far to go! Hmmm – there’s a Bipolar message in there somewhere. Wednesday sort of describes the dysthymic phase and Thursday the climb away and out of it. And from there we then hit Sunday where apparently we are bonny and blithe and good and gay. So there we have it – […]

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