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You have to laugh!

First published on Blurt it out in February 2012 During the 45 years of suffering from Bipolar, there have been many times when I thought of changing my name to Curtain. You see where I grew up In Lancashire, particularly Post-War, the default position for grief, despair and depression was ‘pull yourself together’. Lancashire! – […]

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Why Are You Looking At Me?

First published in Special Needs in June 2012 Quoting Robert De Niro’s famous line from Taxi Driver is an apt one when one has Bipolar. The context suggests menace and persecution, both of which I can identify with.  And conveniently with the Bi in Bipolar, this aspect has typically two impacts – the home and […]

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Teenage Mutant Bipolar Heroes

First published in Special Needs in May 2012 If it wasn’t bad enough being a teenager, it’s a real bummer if you are developing symptoms of Bipolar. As parents, if we’re honest, we want a bit of rebellion in our children. It’s healthy for them to be reprobates – within reason of course – and […]

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Are You Looking At Me?

First publshed in Mental Healthy in February 2012 I’ve suffered from Bi Polar for 45 years now and yield to no man in my decision to deal with it through humour – no matter how dark. My poor old dad had Parkinson’s disease and almost had a convulsion from laughing at a joke about his […]

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