10 ways to tell if you have Bipolar


  1. If you find yourself counting the number of items in people’s baskets at the 9 items or less counter
  2. If you pick up on the number of times someone is sniffing
  3. If you lie in bed extrapolating why he or she said this at the party you’ve just been too and have become convinced someone was having a pop at you.
  4. If you can’t believe how someone can wait in the queue in front of you for 20 minutes, and then, when finally served, they spend another 20 minutes trying to find coupons they’ve save from magazines.
  5. If you fantasise about making love to women ( men ) all the time
  6. If you sit in the Doctors surgery and count the bricks on the wall outside
  7. No matter how much you tell yourself you will not say anything in a meeting,  given past misdemeanours, you up and do it yet again, and say something fatuous
  8. If you can’t bear it when someone close by is eating and has food on their top lip
  9. If you always assume the idiot driver in front of you is a woman
  10. If you can’t stomach reality shows and find yourself cowering behind the sofa with embarrassment at what you are watching.

Or am just odd??

More than probable – have a great day!

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