Hello! – and a very warm welcome to my website.  I hope to be able to amuse, assist, guide and above all else, uplift you. A tall order, but one I am committed to. So where does all this goodwill come from? – and is it sincere? Well sincerity and goodwill are easy to talk about, but really, that’s for you to decide. But after suffering for 45 years with Bipolar, I’ve earned the right to have my two cent’s worth on the subject, and my approach is definitely different. I’ve kicked over more ‘sacred cows’ than a Bull on Viagra and aim to carry on till the only thing left to kick is the bucket. In these days of political correctness, I am proud to flout all such conventions. Sure I risk offending someone somewhere,  but it seems to me that we have all somehow become ‘frightened to live’ , being scared to say what’s in our heart, anxious about eating this or that, or going past a sell by date, or flying without getting  a thrombosis, or ……….. Don’t you find that almost every day some new scientific study comes out with ghastly new findings. Take one – for years we have been exhorted to be scared of too much sun. And now we are being told get out there – why?  Because the lack of Vitamin D has led to Rickets coming back in children. Quad erat demonstrandum. 

But I am not irresponsible, and though Meds didn’t work for me, nor did therapy, I recognise there are differing levels of Bipolar and its siblings, and for some the above do work. If it works, it works, and good luck.  So what brought about this epiphany? Well I’d been fired more times than a cannon, and with 15 houses, three wives, umpteen messed up relationships, 37 cars and Lord knows what other  ‘if only I had this’ purchases, I came to the conclusion my life was bizarre! – and that the best thing for me was to step back, stop worrying, and laugh at its absurdity. It doesn’t always work, but most of the time it does. I realised that humour was the one thread I could count on. God gave me Bipolar but he also gave me the ability to make people laugh. Overnight – well almost! – I decided to put my thoughts and ideas into words and the result was my book, which, amazingly, people seemed to really like.  Anyway enough already! – again welcome, and I hope you read the blogs, add your own, and help me build a Bipolar Support Network where the emphasis is on fun. Come on here and share the nonsense of the condition. Writing of the gloom serves no purpose, believe me. Remember – minority groups like us could be persecuted!!! We need to stick together. Join me on a fun journey exploring the utter applesauce of our condition. 

I hope you’ll enjoy my thoughts and maybe even buy the book, but be aware – its bawdy and raw and very reflective of the worst excesses of my condition!

Kit Johnson has had Bipolar for over 45 years, beginning in his teenage years, but it took at least 20 years before being correctly diagnosed. He has managed ( just !) to have a successful International business career, participate in TV Quiz shows, become an accomplished ‘After Dinner Speaker’ and survive in the corporate jungle.  Bipolar gives you wings, but like Icarus, when you’re high, you get too close to the sun, and down you go.  Share that journey with him. He has one daughter and currently splits his time between London and Dubai.